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Leonid Levit
Leonid LevitDentist

We are a dental practice devoted to taking the best care of every patient who walks through our doors. Our team at LevitDental is passionate about dental hygiene and make it a priority for every patient. Our office specializes in implant placement surgeries in addition to restoration of teeth, cosmetic dentistry and of course, general dentistry.

Our goal at LevitDental is to help enhance your beautiful smile. We pride ourselves for providing the best care and our skillful dental specialists offer the best service with the help of innovative technologies. With that said, our doctor – Dr. Levit – is passionate about rewarding patients with healthy and beautiful smiles. We understand the importance of oral care and we want you looking and feeling your best when you come for your appointment.

Healthy teeth, gums, prevention of harmful bacteria and overall positive oral care make it easy for you to not only enjoy your food, but can also prevent various diseases. This is why we also do our part by informing you how to take the best care of your teeth between appointments. Think of us as your one-stop-center for all dental care.